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When you have trouble connecting...

Every relationship faces challenges. If you are finding yourself disconnected from your partner and you are longing to reconnect, couples therapy may be right for you.

Whether you have lost the "spark," or you need to find better ways to communicate, or you are dealing with serious concerns such as infidelity, illness, and loss, couples therapy can help.

Change is possible!

Many clients who have lost hope or are feeling disconnected in their relationships worry that things cannot change and that separation is inevitable.

Stephanie is here to tell you that change is possible! It requires commitment, shared goals, and a desire for change -- but if you have those, then you have the fundamental items needed to be successful in couples therapy. Stephanie will share the tools and knowledge you need in order to regain the connection and closeness you once felt with your partner.

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What to expect...

Many clients express feelings of nervousness, fear, and even hopelessness when contemplating couples therapy. If this is you, you are not alone! These feelings are perfectly normal when faced with something new and potentially life changing.

Stephanie's philosophy in working with couples is that she does not take sides. She is not a referee, and her goal is not to judge one partner "wrong" and the other "right." She will work to understand your point of view and to help you express that point of view to your partner in a way your partner can hear and receive it.

In the first session, 90 minutes long, Stephanie will meet with both you and your partner to understand what brought you to this point in your lives. The following 2 sessions are 60 minute individual sessions where Stephanie will learn about your personal history, your family of origin, and any complicating factors that may be present in your relationship. After this Stephanie will meet with you and your partner jointly again to set goals and to begin treatment. Couples sessions are 75 minutes and $250 per appointment.

Treatment length depends upon your goals, your personal history, and issues that may arise in the course of treatment.

What makes couples therapy different?

Couples therapy is a specialized form of therapy, requiring extensive training and supervision. It is important to ask any potential provider you meet with what their background, training, and philosophy is when it comes to working with couples.

Stephanie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 1000 pre-licensure hours in face-to-face supervised clinical training exclusively with couples and families. She has additionally studied and been trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Methods, the two most rigorously researched and proven forms of couples therapy, which have an excellent success rate.

Healthy attachment is the foundation and basis of all positive relationships, and Stephanie uses this lens to inform her clinical assessments and work with couples.

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When you need support...

There are times when couples are contemplating separation, or have already made the choice to do so, but need support in navigating logistical landmines. Issues surrounding shared parenting, business partnerships, and property division can bring up a lot of difficult feelings. While you retain legal counsel and mediators to help with the division of assets and in determining a custody schedule, Stephanie can work with you and your former partner to build good communication skills and to help manage the feelings that arise through the separation process.


Next Steps...

If you are ready to set up an appointment or just have more questions, please feel free to be in touch!